ehs International, Inc. (ehsInc) has partnered with the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and Aramsco-Interlink.
The goal of this partnership between three leaders of their respective industries is to provide client companies and future members with the best in indoor air quality safety standards while also lowering costs.

Press Release
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Capabilities Statement
Partnership Perks
​Through this affinity partnership, IAQA, and Aramsco-Interlink Members receive the following perks.

Preferred Rates
​We offer preferred rates to most of our services. Just be sure to mention "IAQA-Aramsco" when inquiring.

Monthly Webinar Training 
We host monthly safety webinars covering the latest hot topics. Registration fees can run up to $99 per person but with an exclusive promo code your registration is absolutely free.

Free Tailgate Subscription
​Our simple yet informative tailgate handouts are the perfect companions for your next safety tailgate meeting. Our yearly subscription fee is $250 but you get access to our safety tailgate library for free.